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Litescene is a scene graph library for WebGL with a component based hierarchical node system. It comes with a realistic rendering pipeline and some interesting components to make it easier to build and share scenes. Component based node system Realistic rendering pipeline, it supports shadows, reflections, textures for all properties, etc Material system that automatically computes the best shader, making it easy to control properties Resources Manager to load and store any kind of resource ( textures, meshes, etc) Serializing methods to convert any Scene to JSON Parser for most common file formats Easy to embed It uses its own low-level library called litegl.js



Include the library and dependencies

<script src="external/gl-matrix-min.js"></script>
<script src="external/litegl.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/litescene.js"></script>

Create the context

var player = new LS.Player({
	width:800, height:600,
	resources: "resources/",
	shaders: "data/shaders.xml"

Attach to Canvas to the DOM:

document.getElementById("mycontainer").appendChild( player.canvas )

or you can pass the canvas in the player settings as { canvas: my_canvas_element }

Load the scene and play it:

litescene.js - плеер json webgl-studio

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